Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Ban on HID Headlights imposed by the Govt. in the Capital

HID lights not only lead to road collisions, but are also known to short-circuit the electronics of a car. The Federal Government has also imposed a ban on the selling and purchase of high-beam lamps, according to the notice. A notification under section 144 has been provided by the Additional District Magistrate, Rana Muhammad Waqas.

The Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) released the same notice a few months ago, warning them to take strict legal action against headlight users. The news reports have added that the use of HID headlights has been penalized by upwards of 1700 vehicles during 2020.

Farrukh Rasheed, ITP Senior Superintendent said that the HIDs are a traffic hazard as they can startle the oncoming traffic or the motorist driving in front of them, raising the risk of a road accident. He added that ITP would specifically deal with the traffic discipline of such criminals.

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