Friday, December 1, 2023

Bangladeshi Street Cleaner Became a Millionaire Overnight, Here’s His Story

A Bangladeshi street cleaner becomes a millionaire overnight after reuniting with his older brother who had seized all the family inheritance from the cleaner.

The street cleaner used to make SAR 1,000 every month by cleaning the streets and the ground outside the Grand Mosque in Saudi Arabia. The cleaner was working when his older brother came running towards him and hugged him. Being apart for so many years, the cleaner could not recognize his brother.

The elder brother later told the story to the coworkers as well that the cleaner does not belong to a poor family. In fact, he comes from a wealthy family but the cleaner left everyone when his elder brother refused to give him his rightful share. He then later suffered from cancer and could not bear the guilt.

The elder brother of the cleaner is extremely rich entitling the cleaner with his sum inheritance of 17 million. Both the brothers reunited, sharing emotions and their heat touching story.

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