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Bank Alfalah Launches Pakistan’s First Digital Agriculture Financing, Disburses PKR 100 Million on Subsidised Rates

Bank Alfalah, one of the leading commercial and digital banks, proudly announces the launch of Pakistan’s First Digital Agriculture Financing product, an initiative aimed at empowering small-scale farmers and entrepreneurs in the country’s Agriculture sector. This innovative product allows customers to avail dairy and equipment financing through a seamless digital process, marking a significant milestone in Pakistan’s financial landscape.

Digital Agriculture Finance is part of the Bank’s commitment to revive economic growth and foster financial inclusion in Pakistan. The launch of this product comes as part of the Revive and Rise initiative, which aims to provide potential farming citizens with access to subsidised financing, at a rate of 2%, enabling them to establish sustainable income streams and contribute to the nation’s economic development.

The First Digital Agriculture Financing product has crossed over PKR 100 million in total disbursement, demonstrating the immediate impact and demand for instantly accessible financing in the Agriculture sector within three months. The beneficiaries of this initiative include individuals from various distantly scaled areas, especially flood-affected areas of Sindh, representing both genders and diverse segments of the Agricultural community.

Pakistan’s First Digital Agriculture Financing product has already made significant strides in empowering rural communities, particularly in the dairy sector, surpassing disbursement of over PKR 100 million, the financing has facilitated the procurement of animals, with a remarkable 333 animals acquired so far. Female participation in this endeavour is significant, accounting for 24% of the total customers. As all proceeds have been dedicated to ‘Dairy Financing,’ it showcases the focused effort to uplift small-scale farmers in Pakistan and encourage sustainable Agricultural practices.

Through the Bank’s digital app ‘Alfa’, customers can select from a range of financing options tailored to their specific needs. These options include equipment financing for essential tools such as fodder cutters, milk chillers, milking machines, and dairy and input financing. Applicants have the flexibility to choose the type and quantity of animals they require financing for, along with the desired loan amount. This is followed by a real-time credit assessment and digital acceptance of the agreement with instant confirmation of disbursement. The paperless process leads to customer convenience and instant gratification.

Speaking on the occasion, Muhammad Yahya Khan, Chief Digital Officer, Bank Alfalah said, “The introduction of Pakistan’s First Digital Agriculture Financing product signifies our dedication to empowering the Agriculture sector and promoting financial inclusion in Pakistan. We are committed to ensuring that small-scale farmers always have access to financial services. Through swift, cost-effective, and user-friendly financing solutions, our goal is to empower small-scale farmers and the broader Agriculture industry to boost productivity, enhance livelihoods, and contribute to the growth of Pakistan’s economy.

The digital agriculture financing features minimal markups and processing fees, ensuring affordability and accessibility for all eligible applicants. With this initiative, Bank Alfalah is poised to transform Pakistan’s small-scale Agriculture industry, paving the way for sustainable growth and prosperity in rural communities.

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