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Banks asked to meet home loan target or face a penalty

According to the circular issued on Tuesday by SBP, it has decided by a state bank of Pakistan (SBP) to apply penalty on banks if they do not fulfill the necessary requirements for houses and disbursement.

“It has been decided that penalty will be imposed on banks falling short of their Government’s Mark-up Subsidy Scheme (G-MSS) targets with effect from July 31, 2021, on both targets of several housing units along with units & number of disbursements,” said SBP.

Previously, the SPB announced on July 15, 2020, that they have to decided to put a necessary target for banks to expand mortgage loans & financing for the developers & builders while the banks will be needed to boost their housing & construction of building loan collections.

Then in April, the SBP allocated monthly compulsory targets of no of housing units & amount of payments to banks in the ratio to share in total banking resources.

“A baseline penalty will be charged on shortfall from cumulative targets till July 31, 2021, while higher penalty will be charged on shortfall from targets of subsequent months,” stated in the Tuesday’s latest statement issued by SBP

It seems that the banks are still unwilling to expand their loans for the low-income housing schemes the government’s main action plan was to deliver 10 million jobs & 5 million low-income houses but after 3 years, there is no noticeable sign in this way. The county is said to be confronting a shortage of 10 million houses.

“To assess efforts, State Bank will, if required, collect information from banks which cannot meet their targets,” further said in the issued circular.

In the last month, the SBP queried banks to show their informal income proxy models operational for low-cost housing during the four weeks as the entire process of providing loans for housing is still much lower than the high hopes of the government.

The SBP considers that this estimation model is anticipated to ease the problems encountered by the general public in benefiting housing finance under G-MSS, commonly referred to as ‘Mera Pakistan Mera Ghar’.

The SBP said that to enable low-cost housing finance candidates with unofficial income, banks were requested to develop & implement income estimation model to expand low-cost housing finance to that sort of applicants.

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