Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Bata Launches Sneaker Fest Introducing 200+ New Sneaker Designs and a Dance Competition!

Pakistan’s number one choice for shoes, Bata launches a Sneaker Fest 2022 in Lahore on 12th October, 2022. The festival announced a launch of 200+ sneakers that ensure style with comfort. The launch was backed by the TVC campaign with the message “Ye Hai Meri Vibe”, which speaks to those who vibe with the cool and trendy Bata sneakers this season.

The TVC encompassed a vibrant and colorful vibe of young adults that are into different fields of profession, hobbies and tastes. Bata wishes to portray the message that people can find joy and passion in variety of activities because it’s something that is true to what they are and what their vibe is. The TVC is accompanied by a dance choreography of simple and addictive steps, which has now become a #YeHaiMeriVibe Challenge on TikTok.

Many renowned influencers and actors like Zarnish Khan, Romaisa Khan, Zarar Khan, Kanza Babar, Roha Khan, Wania Nadeem, and many others joined the challenge to show what their vibe is like while dancing to the song.

The festival welcomed mainstream media for broadcast and social media influencers to spend a fun evening full of glam with Bata. The activities included music, food, and above all- a Bata Vibe Runway. The launch event was a huge success among the media communities, reflecting the efforts and hard work that went into making the festival possible by those working behind the scenes.

With the 2022 Sneaker Fest, Bata has introduced 5 different brands including Power, North Star, Sparx, Weinbrenner, and Skechers, that came together to put out 200+ sneakers in over 500 retail outlets and from more than 200 wholesale dealers. Bata has proved to be a growing company with consistent boom in its national and international business across the world with a well-reputed image in the market.

North Star meets the need of young people who want to look stylish and express their identity while supporting an active lifestyle.

Power is synonymous with performance-supporting sneakers, as they are geared towards young people who like movement and want to be sporty.

The latest collection from the two brands includes Fly-knit and Vulcanized Sneaker designs in addition to the various color range.

The Fly-knit design is purpose to give the consumer a comfortable movement in terms of jogging, running or walking, as it allows the fee to ‘breathe’ freely. Whereas, the Vulcanized Sneakers are constructed with rubber soles that are common in Skateboarding Sneakers.

In addition to the two designs, Bata also consists of a lineup of standard sneakers styles like joggers that meet the everyday lifestyle needs of a consumer.

All Bata sneaker collections are equipped with innovative insoles for comfort and safety.

  • Life Natural antimicrobial technology: A technology that effectively eliminates 99% of bacteria and germs using natural ingredients in the form of vegetable oils. Not only does it protect your shoes from germs, but it also frees you from unpleasant odors inside your shoes.
  • Ortholite Technology: Soft to the touch even when worn for long periods of time, light and breathable to keep your feet from getting stuffy, providing a comfortable fit.
  • Memory Foam: Smart cushioning insoles that increases comfort by imprinting the shape of the feet and regaining its original shape when the feet are lifted.

Adding to the list of Bata fun, was a dance challenge for all Bata fans out there! Bata officially announced a dance competition where participants were required to share a dance cover video based on the DVC campaign #YeHaiMeriVibe and tag 3 friends to win a pair of sneakers every day!

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