Friday, December 8, 2023

BCCI Has Tied Up With Coca-Cola to Provide Free Water During World Cup 2023

With India hosting the World Cup 2023 in October, concerns about fan facilities have emerged. Fans have often expressed disappointment with stadium amenities, ticket buying, and hygiene. However, BCCI’s secretary Jay Shah aims to enhance the upcoming World Cup experience.

Shah revealed plans for free drinking water for fans during the World Cup 2023. This decision came after Shah’s meetings with state association leaders. Discussions encompassed stadium hygiene, ticket pricing, scheduling, and the possibility of partnering with Coca-Cola for water provision.

The BCCI’s move to provide free water is seen as a step towards addressing fan grievances. The association acknowledges the need to improve amenities and overall experience. Jay Shah’s commitment to enhancing fan experiences bodes well for India’s World Cup hosting.

As the World Cup approaches, fans hope for positive changes that will elevate their enjoyment of the event. With plans for improved amenities, including free water and potential partnerships, the BCCI aims to create a better environment for all attendees.

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