Sunday, July 21, 2024

Beggar Caught in Dubai with Rs. 2.3 Crore Hidden in Fake Limb

According to a report from the Dubai Police on Thursday, a beggar was recently apprehended with an artificial limb secreted inside that contained Dh300,000.

The arrest was made as part of operations against these crimes, which typically rise before or during the holy month of Ramadan, that have recently been intensified.

Colonel Ali Al Shamsi, director of the Anti-Infiltrators Bureau, stated during a news conference held at the Dubai Police headquarters that beggars in the nation employ such dishonest tactics to elicit sympathy.

He also disclosed to the media the new find of Dh300,000 concealed within a man’s artificial limb.

The authority urged the public to avoid sympathising with beggars who try to make easy money by exploiting sentiments during the holy month.

Moreover, he called on the public to report begging activities to help the police combat such illegal practises that affect the safety and security of community members.

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