Friday, April 19, 2024

‘Believe Me, There is No Place More Beautiful than Pakistan’, Shahid Afridi

Shahid Khan Afridi, a famous cricketer from Pakistan, is well-known and loved by people all around the world.He’s famous for being really good at cricket. He can spin the ball really well when he bowls and hit the ball really hard when he bats.

That’s why people call him “Boom Boom Afridi.” He’s known for being aggressive when he bats and for taking important wickets.

Even though he stopped playing professional cricket, he still has a lot of fans who really like him.

Recently, he was on a show called “Had Kardi” hosted by Momin Saqib. He talked about how much he loves Pakistan and how beautiful he thinks it is. He said, “Momin! I’ve traveled to many places in the world, and I can tell you, there’s no place like Pakistan.

When COVID-19 happened in 2019, I started exploring Pakistan. I went to Waziristan, Kashmir, and Punjab. Pakistan is incredibly beautiful. Instead of doing things that hurt our country, we should focus on being good citizens and taking care of our responsibilities as Pakistanis.

Shahid Afridi’s love for Pakistan makes people really like him. He’s done a lot of good things to help people, and he’s really good at playing cricket, which makes people admire him.

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