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Best Internet in Pakistan 2022 – High-Speed Internet Service Providers in Pakistan

The Internet is a worldwide network that connects computers. People can share information and communicate via the Internet from any location with an Internet connection.

The Internet has such a broad and strong capability that it may be used for nearly any information-based purpose. It is available to anybody who joins one of its component networks. It facilitates human interaction through social media, e-mail, “chat rooms,” newsgroup, and video and audio conversations.

The Internet is becoming a need worldwide in recent years, and Pakistan is no different, with over 3 million subscribers. Following the meteoric rise, there are many best internet services in Pakistan. This article will have a brief detail on the best Internet in Pakistan.


High-speed Internet is referred to as “broadband” by all internet service providers. Compared to a traditional connection, broadband internet is quicker, more dependable, and provides better internet service. Internet bundles indeed provide consumers with limitless downloads and a steady connection at a reasonable cost.

Because of its expanding use, broadband is still reasonably fast, even after 3G and 4G. It is essential for households, workplaces, and other businesses.

However, if you reside in a remote region, you will not obtain a broadband internet connection. Fortunately, there are alternatives, such as satellite internet, in which you may invest. Take, for example, this post from DailyWireless on Viasat, a decent satellite internet choice. This is comparable to VSAT Global Broadband and other similar services available in Pakistan.

Here is a list of the best internet services in Pakistan;


If you live in Pakistan, you are probably familiar with the renowned internet service provider. It is one of the best and most widely used networks in Pakistan. Currently, PTCL is the major supplier, and it has a huge number of users; its network is wide. It has underwater fibre optics and a dependable internet infrastructure. PTCL is a semi-government entity. It provides all television, telephone and Internet services to its users.

It also has wireless wifi services such as:

  • Wingle
  • Evo charji device
  • Smart tv
  • PTCL device

It has a simple installation method, the best customer services, and it has a wide range, because of all these facilities it is widely used in Pakistan. Ptcl is the greatest and most dependable Internet provider in Pakistan, with the most consumers.

  • Website is PTCL
  • The installation time for PTCL is almost 3 working days.
  • The complaint period is almost 48 hours (2days).
  • For complaints and other services, you can dial 1218.


Stormfiber promises to be Pakistan’s most dependable and best fibre-based residential broadband service provider. However, that’s not the case for the vast majority of people for the time being. StormFiber is the only viable solution. While other ISPs rely on the faulty copper-based technical network, Storm Fiber invested much in establishing a reliable, economical, quick, and easy fibre-optic network. Storm Fiber also provides excellent television and high-speed internet access.

Storm Fiber provides 10 megabits per second for 5999 PKR, 20 megabits per second for 6999 PKR, and 30 megabits per second for 7999 PKR, including one month free and open Internet.

You can see on its website; storm fiber has high band winds.



Nayatel provides FTTH service to thousands of subscribers in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, and other Pakistan locations. The organization is well-known for its triple-play bundle and excellent customer assistance.

In addition, the ISP provides a secondary 10Mbps channel with unrestricted YouTube streaming all day. The Triple Play bundle includes standard telephone and SD or HD TVs.



The services of Wi-tribe started in Pakistan in 2009. It is the Qatar based firm that rose to prominence after providing great services. It has high-speed Internet throughout Pakistan in a very short period. Other well-known ISPs eventually become competitors of the major ISP.

Customers were confident in the technology because of the high-end customer service and high-speed Internet. It has a creative and one-of-a-kind design that satisfies customers and caters to everyone’s needs. It was the first ISP to provide 4G service. Installation time is the same day if the order is placed before noon.

Website: Wi-tribe



The name for Pakistan’s fastest internet provider service is Optix, but Optix is the ideal answer for ultrafast and next-generation internet services. Many families in restricted locations of Karachi and Lahore have access to fibre to the home internet connection services. There are many plans for Optix customers, like, single or triple play plan, which includes phone, television, and internet services.


Fiberlink” was launched in 2008. As a pioneer in Pakistan’s Online Services market, it is widely regarded as the fast Broadband service provider in the country, with a larger geographic footprint and a wide selection of web services for consumers and businesses.

Enterprise-grade systems and Managed Services from fibre links are satisfying customers’ connection demands and helping enterprises to function more efficiently. Fiberlink’s connection is operational in Karachi, Lahore, Hyderabad, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, and other Pakistani cities.



WorldCall is a Pakistani Internet Service Provider (ISP) veteran. However, the company’s consumer services are presently confined to Lahore, Karachi, and other cities exclusively.

Users must select between speeds of up to 10 megabits per second and lower rates. For all connections companies, a fibre-optic network is used.

It is the cheapest Internet in Pakistan. Worldcall also provides the best and fastest internet connections in Pakistan.



Qubee is a well-known Pakistani ISP that provides top-notch high-speed internet service using cutting-edge WiMax technology. Their internet packages are restricted since they only provide a limited variety of services with a 1MB to 3MB fair use policy. The quality speed and cost are to be improved by this service.

The shuttle devices which may be transported to other nations are places are also provided by Qubee. These gadgets are fantastic, easy to use, and can be plugged in and utilized immediately. It’s ideal for business users that need to stay connected while on the road. Broadband coverage and services are available in Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi.


Things to Keep in Mind while Choosing an ISP

Here are some important considerations to ponder when selecting an ISP for household or commercial use:

  • The most significant element to consider is internet speed.
  • Good internet service doesn’t just rely on the quality of the cable or the speed; it also relies on the service being accessible to serve your location when you’re contemplating monthly plans.
  • Apart from technical considerations, it is also necessary to examine the cost of internet service. The finest package given by any Internet Service Provider would be high-speed Internet at a reasonable price, yet it is extremely rare to find.
  • If you want to use one of the Internet Service Provider’s plans, be sure that the equipment you use is brand new and error-free. Any problem with the router or cable might cause sluggish internet speed in the future.


All of the above is Pakistan’s top high-speed internet providers. Before picking an ISP, do your research and choose a plan based on your daily data usage, internet speed requirements, and how much you can afford to spend on internet services.

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