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Bicycle Price in Pakistan 2023 – Best Cycles to Buy

Bicycles in Pakistan are available for all users, from children to adults, at different prices. You can find the perfect fit with various budgets and preferences no matter what your sport or lifestyle needs, maybe! Try this article to find out the best cycles with price in Pakistan.

The best way to stay fit and have fun is by cycling! It’s a great sport that can be enjoyed at any age, but it shines with kids. Parents, in particular, will love the benefits of this activity because they allow children and opportunity for exercise while still being safe from injuries or other hazards associated with motorized vehicles.

To find the perfect selection for you, shopping online is a great way to better know your preferences and start fitness by buying the best cycle in Pakistan!

Best Cycles in Pakistan

Morgan Cycle

Morgan Cycle

Morgan Cycle’s mission is to preserve the memories of our children and bring them into perpetuity with classic ride-on toys that will last just as long.

In this disposable age, plastics are all around us. Still, Morgan Bikes Aesthetics rank equally high on their list, if not higher than quality, when creating these products so you can pass down your favorite antique bike from generation-old rather than having someone else buy it out before yours arrives at home–Morgan cycles provides happiness one child at a time!

14-inch Cruiser Bicycle with Training Wheels BLUE

Do you want to feel the thrill of your first ride again? Our Morgan Cruiser in 14-inch wheels is modeled after classic mid-century beach cruisers.

This bike features a retro truss rod fork, a supple leatherette seat design with adjustable handlebars and seat height adjustments that make it perfect for any adult! The removable training wheels give you a wide stance while riding, so even beginners will enjoy this adorable little cycle too!

Morgan bicycle 20 inch

The Morgan 20 inch cycle is an excellent choice for the avid mountain biker! It features a full aluminum frame that makes it lightweight and durable, along with Shimano gears which allow you to go as fast or slow depending on your needs.

The disc brakes ensure smooth stops without any worries about dusty wheels due in part to its dual-suspension design- perfect if riding off-road isn’t quite a new territory but gets exciting every time some terrain fishermen are thrown into the mix.

Speed Bicycles

Speed Bicycles in Pakistan

Speed Bicycles has been leading the industry for years, and their products are known as some of the most durable, high-quality bikes on today’s market.

The company specializing in making fast bicycles with sturdy frames to withstand harsh terrains has a quality of elite level. This organization knows how important performance is without compromising anything else, such as weight or durability.

Foldable Speed Bicycle 26 Inch

This bike is perfect for any age group, with its sleek design and durable components. The 26-inch wheels make it easy to ride on sidewalks while also being able to tackle off-road trails if you’re into mountain biking or just commuting! With 11 gears that will allow this bicycle’11 speeds 24OF KS, it has everything riders need in one convenient package deal.

This model comes equipped with an SP3030 Folding Bike, which features dual shacks built securely by way of a lock system so your precious cargo can stay safe at all times.

Speed Bicycle (SP7070) 24 inches

When you need a bike that is fast, comfortable and easy to ride – the SP7070 mountain/road bicycle may be just what you’re looking for. With its 21-speed gear system, this 24-inch frame offers riders speeds from 15 mph up to 30+ Keels with disk brakes so they can stop on-demand without worrying about if stopping in time will cause any problems.

Sohrab Cycles

Sohrab bicycles have been a source of inspiration for generations. The company’s initial single-speed roadster was introduced in the 1960s, and it remains one of their most popular models today, 50 years later! Sohrab replaced this classic with other types, including mountain bikes, BMX style bikes, speed peddles – even tandems!

These newer constructions use more modern parts than those on earlier iterations made from lugsed metal frames paired up nicely with steel breaks.

The cost of Sohrab Bicycle in Pakistan varies depending on the store you buy it from. The lowest price is PRs 2,000, while its highest-priced version could be as high as 40,000 Pakistani Rupees!

Sohrab Bicycle Price in Pakistan

Sohrab Bicycle 22 Inches Standard

The world’s first and only standard-desi bike with a black color option! This high-speed nylon rims metal brake center baring system cycle is suitable for ages 14.

This standard cycle is a black-colored variant with high speed and durability. It has 22-inch wheels, which can carry up to 150 kg nylon tires on its handlebars making for easy handling despite being large enough for 2 people at once! With an inner metal rim providing strength against impacts, this bike doesn’t need any other parts to be safe but your hands.”

It’ll be perfect as your main form of transportation, or just in case you want something light enough that won’t slow down anyone else on the road (you’re welcome). The tone should also stay professional because this product does offer all types of amenities associated with other more expensive brands while still maintaining affordability.

Bicycle Price in Pakistan

The price of a bicycle in Pakistan can vary dramatically. The lowest was just under 10k, while the average is around PKR 15,000.

Bicycle Price in Pakistan
BicyclePrice in Pakistan
14-inch Cruiser Bicycle with Training Wheels BLUEPKR. 42,000
Morgan bicycle 20 inchPKR. 30,600
Foldable Speed Bicycle 26 InchPKR. 24,899
Speed Bicycle (SP7070) 24 inchesPKR. 22,999
Sohrab Bicycle 22 Inches StandardPKR. 14,999
New Mountain Bicycle 20 InchPKR. 10,300
Great Sports Bicycle For ChildrenPKR. 9,499


Snap up the best cycles in Pakistan at amazing prices. Suppliers are ready for you to buy these premium quality yet budget-friendly items without any hesitation. So make sure that your shopping list includes them too!

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