Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Big Drop in Solar Panel Prices in Pakistan

Solar panel prices in Pakistan have become increasingly affordable, according to reports from global media sources. These reports indicate that solar panels have become so inexpensive in various countries worldwide that people are now using them to construct fences, particularly in the Netherlands and Germany.

Pictures circulating on social media platforms from European nations illustrate how individuals have begun utilizing solar panels to build fences instead of traditional methods. This shift in usage signifies a departure from the conventional practice of installing solar panels on rooftops for energy generation. Instead, people are opting to integrate them into fencing structures.

The decrease in solar panel prices is attributed to the surge in production by Chinese companies in the global market. With an oversupply of solar panels, the market dynamics have shifted, surpassing China’s dominance. Consequently, American and European manufacturers are finding it challenging to compete in this landscape dominated by Chinese suppliers. This phenomenon has led to a significant drop in solar panel prices, making them more accessible to consumers worldwide.

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