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Bilal Amjad wins the ‘Commonwealth Youth Covid-19 Hero’ award for his healthcare startup called ‘InstaCare’

Bilal Amjad, founder InstaCare receives the Covid-19 Hero Award in recognition of providing a free online health consultation platform in Pakistan during the pandemic.

The struggle for instant and quality health care services in third world country is a challenge for the people. Oftentimes, there’s a need of immediate medical advice and required service is not available.

Realizing this common problem of millions of Pakistanis, Bilal Amjad came up with a vision to make healthcare accessible for the public.

This young entrepreneur founded InstaCare in 2018, an online healthcare consultation platform to transform how medical aid is provided to locals. With InstaCare, you no longer have to run seeking appointments of reliable doctors for your day-to-day medical issues. Bilal’s innovative approach has not only helped the masses but also significantly helped the healthcare service providers by modifying their traditional services into digitally advanced practices.

Bilal’s services have been recognized on both national and international levels. He’s an IT professional and known for his efforts in bridging the gap between industries and IT. In recognition of his services, Bilal has continued to receive Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional Award since 2016. He also received the Healthcare Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2020. In addition to this his team has received numerous other awards on various platforms nationally and internationally.

Bilal’s recently received Commonwealth Youth Covid-19 Heroes Award in recognition of his extensive services during the outbreak of the pandemic in Pakistan. While the country was facing a strict lockdown in an effort to control the virus from spread, Insta Care helped hundreds of Pakistanis get medical service from their home. This helped reduced panic and uncertainty in public with general health-related issues.

With the help and assistance of USAID, InstaCare launched a Corona Response Unit (ICRU) intending to provide free online medical consultation to the general public. USAID Mission Director Julie Koenen says, “Mobility throughout the country has been more and more difficult for Pakistanis in need of health care services. Through this private sector partnership, Pakistani citizens can connect with a healthcare professional to address the issues they or their families are confronting.”

The response unit initially consisted of 12 InstaCare volunteers making sure the health care services are accessible for the general public during the lockdown phase. Due to an overwhelming response, ICRU had to bring more medical professionals and students on board who were ready to provide online medical consultations on volunteer basis.

InstaCare partnered with several private institutions including hospitals and universities for providing telemedicine services to the masses. Today under his leadership, around 300 healthcare professionals are providing consultation to individuals through the platform of ICRU.

“I suspected that I had coronavirus due to all the negativity on the social media and was mentally very disturbed. That’s when InstaCare helped me. I booked an online consultation and the InstaCare team was very responsive and were very quick to respond to all my queries”, Mr. Asad describes his experience with InstaCare.

Bilal’s unique approach and determination to help his fellow Pakistanis through a first-of-its-kind platform in Pakistan genuinely deserved the appreciation he has received worldwide. His efforts to serve the community are well-recognized and a true inspiration for the youth that together we can stand in the face of any challenge when we have the will to come forward and give back to the country in any way possible.

Syed Ali Abbas
Syed Ali Abbas
General Manager at Startup Pakistan

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