Saturday, March 2, 2024

Binance’s Competitor “Huobi Global” hits Pakistan with a Boom

The World’s Best Cryptocurrency Exchange “Houbi Global” is now functional in Pakistan.

Huobi Global ( founded in 2013, is a leading global digital asset exchange dedicated to providing secure and reliable digital asset trading and asset management services. Leveraging the strengths of Huobi Group and its experience, Huobi Global has grown into a globally competitive enterprise that plays an influential role in the cryptocurrency industry. HuobiGroup and its sub-brands distinguish themselves from global peers through world-leading technology platforms, product lines, security risk management systems, operations, and customer service.

Huobi isn’t a lucrative target for attackers – it’s never been hacked unlike Binance which faced several hacking attempts in the past. The exchange takes these threats seriously and does everything in its power to shield the exchange from hacks. It’s worth mentioning that Huobi does store user funds in cold storage to restrict access to them.

Huobi’s User Experience is exceptional when compared to other altcoin exchanges. The website itself is easy to navigate and strikes a nice balance between functional, visually pleasing, and elegant composition. The live chat representatives become available quickly and do their best to answer users’ questions.

Huobi is offering a $170 Welcome Bonus for new sign-ups. Crypto-enthusiasts can download the app to start trading on the platform.

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