Sunday, October 1, 2023

Biparjoy Cyclone 350 KM Away from Karachi, Likely to Hit the Coastal Areas of Pakistan Tomorrow

A powerful cyclone called BiparJoy has formed in the Arabian Sea and is currently about 350 km away from Karachi. It is expected to pass through Keti Bandar in Pakistan and the state of Gujarat in India.The cyclone is rapidly approaching the coastal areas of both countries with strong force. The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) reports that it is currently 300 km from Keti Bandar and 360 km southwest of Thatta. Tomorrow afternoon, it is predicted to move northeast towards Keti Bandar and Indian Gujarat.As the cyclone gets closer to the shore, there are growing concerns about the rough sea conditions. Waves as high as 30 feet and winds with speeds of 170 km/h in the center and sides of the storm are causing worry. The districts of Tharparkar, Badin, Sajawal, and Thatta in Sindh may experience strong winds and heavy rainfall.The impact of the storm is already being felt and is becoming more severe over time. Strong winds have overturned vehicles on the Superhighway, and Keti Bandar has experienced gusty winds. Efforts to evacuate people from coastal areas to safer places are underway. People in Badin are actively preparing for the storm’s arrival on the beaches.

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