Monday, July 15, 2024

Biparjoy Cyclone: ‘Mobile Network Could Shutdown’ Due to Heavy Rains

On Tuesday, authorities issued a warning about possible disruptions in telecommunication services due to heavy rains as cyclone Biparjoy rapidly approaches. The cyclone is expected to reach land between Mandvi in Gujarat, India, and Karachi in Pakistan on Thursday afternoon. It is anticipated to bring strong winds with speeds of 125-135 km/h (78-84 miles per hour) and gusts up to 150 km/h (93 miles per hour).

The Sindh health department has alerted residents about the risk of mobile network shutdown during the rainfall, as evacuations are being carried out in vulnerable areas. Medical facilities and doctors have been informed and advised people to stay indoors, as the province may experience rainfall ranging from 60mm to 100mm.

Concerns have been raised about potential traffic congestion on highways due to poor drainage and the possibility of road blockages caused by rainwater accumulation. People are urged to stay away from poles and electrical wires and to call 1092 in case of emergencies. Fishermen in the southern coastal areas have been advised against going out to sea, and those already at sea have been instructed to return.

The National Disaster Management Authority is providing precautionary measures for the potentially affected southern and southeastern regions. The impact of the cyclone will be determined as the situation continues to develop.

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