Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Bird Flu Again Spreading Rapidly, Warning Issued

Experts have issued a warning that the virus causing the global increase in bird flu cases is rapidly changing. This has prompted calls in affected countries for poultry vaccination.

Although the risk to humans remains low, the increasing number of cases of bird flu in mammals is causing concern.

The World Health Organization’s Centre for the Study of Animal Flu, led by Richard Webby, claims this is the world’s largest bird flu outbreak. When the virus made its way to North America, it became more dangerous, causing more severe disease.

Although the risk to humans is still low, Webby stressed that the virus is constantly mutating and may develop features that make it easier to transmit to humans.

Bird flu infects humans only rarely and usually after close contact with infected birds. However, more cases of the virus are now being discovered in mammals, which Webby finds very concerning.

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