Monday, February 26, 2024

BMW-Backed Aviation Company Introduces World’s First Hydrogen-Powered Vertical Takeoff & Landing Aircraft

Swiss aviation startup Sirius Aviation has introduced a groundbreaking aircraft known as the Sirius Jet, which is the world’s first Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft powered by hydrogen. This innovative project is the result of collaboration with BMW’s Designworks and Sauber Group.

The unique feature of this hydrogen-electric VTOL aircraft is its ability to combine the aerodynamics of a jet with the flexibility and vertical take-off capability of a helicopter.

The Sirius Aviation project includes two distinct models. First, the Sirius Business Jet, designed for extended flights with a remarkable range of 1,150 miles. Second, the Sirius Millennium Jet, tailored for commercial aviation with a slightly shorter range of 650 miles. Both models are scheduled for launch in 2025, marking a significant leap in aviation technology.

This initiative is not just about creating cutting-edge aircraft; it involves crucial partnerships with key players such as BMW Group’s Designworks, Sauber Group, Alfleth Engineering AG, and ALD Group. The overarching goal is to pioneer sustainable solutions in aviation, aligning with the global push for environmentally friendly and high-performance aircraft.

In essence, Sirius Aviation’s collaboration with renowned entities and the development of the Sirius Jet exemplify a stride towards a future where hydrogen-powered VTOL aircraft redefine the possibilities of air travel.

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