Saturday, December 2, 2023

Bollywood ‘s Anti-Pakistani Movie Shows World’s one of the Most Beautiful Capital ”Islamabad as a Desert”

The first teaser trailer for the next movie, released by T-Series, features outrageous battle scenes, weapons, explosives, and Islamabad, a massive prison complex in the Pakistani desert. Uday K. Mehta is the producer of Martin, which is directed by AP Arjun.

The movie’s trailer has drawn a lot of flak on social media for its overt anti-Pakistan stance, cringe-inducing action sequences, lack of nuance and sensitivity, and reliance on stale stereotypes.

Martin, played by Indian actor Dhruva Sarja, is a muscle-bound meathead whose entire personality is that he is Indian. He literally has the word “Indian” tattooed in bold letters on his bicep, just in case anyone forgets who the hero is.

In the Martin teaser, Sarja’s character is sent to a prison in Pakistan, where he proceeds to beat up every inmate, guard, janitor, and some random prisoner taking a shower. Apparently, “Martin” is such a “cruel” man that the entire Pakistani police force is quivering in their uniforms as they discuss plans to contain this one-man wrecking machine.

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