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Bracket Fan Price in Pakistan 2023 – Best Bracket Fans to Use

Installing a standard ceiling fan in a space with a low ceiling, such as a dressing room or bathroom, can be challenging. Bracket fans, on the other hand, can be attached to the ceiling with ease. This article will discuss the details and price of Bracket fans in Pakistan.

Bracket Fans

A bracket fan is a well-liked option because it can be fitted into places at an angle that is most convenient for the user to deliver speedy cooling and ventilation. It works wonderfully in residential areas, workplaces, and warm garages in the summertime.

However, in contrast to a ceiling fan, these fans have only three speeds: slow, medium, and fast, which can make the space feel claustrophobic. Traditional wall or bracket fans are installed at a height that is somewhat more than the typical height of the room’s light fixture.

Because the temperature is greater in the bathroom after a hot shower or during a heatwave, this appliance is typically put in that area. It helps dry the floor, shower, and bathroom walls, all of which retain moisture.

Most tower fans, pedestal fans, and standing fans, aerodynamically engineered with a propeller blade, utilise the oscillating action of the fan to provide a smooth and quiet breeze.

The navigational controls can differ depending on the design and brand, but a standard manual switch will either have a rope and knob system or a straightforward plastic knob to regulate the speeds. A physical button that can unhinge the rotation from the back on top of the motor is used to control the camera’s panning.

There are now improved remote control bracket fans available, which can be operated from a greater distance. These fans are a smart purchase for usage in basements, workshops, and retail and warehouse spaces. The sturdy and reliable metal blades would be able to provide a more peaceful atmosphere for the cooling process.

Bracket Fans

The oscillations, dimensions, length of timers, and power requirements of the various versions sold on Shopsy will vary. You must find out where all the fans will be positioned and the daily function they will serve.

Best Bracket Fans in Pakistan

Some of the best-known Bracket fans in Pakistan are as under:

  1. GFC Bracket Fans Deluxe Plus 18″
  2. Royal Fans Wall/Bracket Fan – 14 inches
  3. GFC Bracket Fans Light Display with Remote 18″
  4. Pak Fan Bracket Fan

GFC Bracket Fans Deluxe Plus 18”

A broad variety of ceiling, Pedestal fan, Bracket fan, and Exhaust fan models are available from GFC ceiling and pedestal fans with 99.99 per cent copper winding. With a wide variety of finishes and designs.

GFC ceiling and pedestal fans are among the most striking in their category. GFC ceiling fans & GFC pedestal fans are the only options for putting the finishing touches on a room. In 1998, GFC ceiling and pedestal fans became the first electric fan manufacturing firm in Pakistan to receive Pakistan’s Export Trophy Award.

GFC Bracket Fans Deluxe Plus 18”

Awarded 16 Export Trophy Awards for the exceptional quality of exports of GFC ceiling fans and GFC pedestal fans since GFC was the first fan manufacturer to get the prestigious Brand of year Award in 2007 for its ceiling and pedestal fans.

Royal Fans Wall/ Bracket Fan -14 inches

Developing a 99.99 per cent copper wire, Bracket Fans, Ceiling Fans, Pedestal Fans, Bracket Fans, and Exhaust Fans from Royal are available in various styles. Providing energy-efficient products that help our customers save money on other necessities is our top priority at Royal Bracket Fans.

Royal Fans Wall/ Bracket Fan -14 inches

Better Air Jerk-Free Oscillation thanks to the aerodynamic wings’ design, with 3 speeds and 90-degree horizontal oscillation.

GFC Bracket Fans Light Display With Remote 18”

This bracket fan has a capacitor with 3 blades and a 450mm sweep. This moves at 1475 rpm speed with 65 watts of power. This fan has an air delivery of 70 per min.

GFC Bracket Fans Light Display With Remote 18”

Pak Fan Bracket Fan

Copper Wire 99.99 per cent of the time Rugged Construction, Noiseless Operation, and Energy-Efficient Durable Motor with Oscillation Device for Air Circulation.

Pak Fan Bracket Fan

Features of a Bracket Fan

The oscillation and speed controls, as well as a one to four-hour timer, may all be found on the timer of the bracket fan. The automatic shutoff helps save money on electricity and prevents damage to the fan caused by prolonged use.

For the safety of anyone standing in front of the fan, the grill installed and the cabin that houses the fan blades have both been securely secured. The gyroscopic movement, when combined with a high-speed motor, can produce an effective airflow between 10 and 20 feet in length.

A power cord that is sixty inches long will help show that the fan has been assembled correctly and will prevent energy from being run to the machine until it is secure.

Bracket Fans Price in Pakistan in 2023

The blade size varies according to the model; nevertheless, a 16-inch blade should be sufficient for a room of modest size. The resilient material that was utilised to build the body and base of the device will be simple to clean and shield users from the effects of any potential electrical shocks. The prices of these fans are shown below:

Bracket Fans Price in Pakistan
GFC Bracket Fans Deluxe Plus 18″Rs. 6,180
Royal Fans Wall/Bracket Fan – 14 inchesRs. 5,750
GFC Bracket Fans Light Display with Remote 18″Rs. 7,133
Pak Fan Bracket FanRs. 9,095


This article explains the details and model features of a bracket fan. The prices of these bracket fans are also discussed in the article above.

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