Sunday, July 21, 2024

Brain Drain Getting Real as 92,000 Highly Educated (Doctors, Engineers etc.) Left Pakistan this Year

Pakistan’s brain drain situation has aggravated this year, as more than 750,000 educated youth chose to seek employment overseas.

765,000 people left Pakistan for abroad in 2022, nearly triple the 225,000 departures in 2021 and 288,000 emigrants in 2020.

This year’s data also included 92,000 highly-educated people such as doctors, engineers, information technology experts, and accountants.

“Hundreds of thousands of young men, including highly educated people, who are worried about inflation, unemployment, and uncertain economic and political situation, are going abroad every year in search of employment,” the official added.

According to the documents, those who left the country in 2022, included more than 92,000 graduates, and 350,000 trained workers, and the same number of untrained laborers went abroad. The documents also showed that 736,000 people went to the Gulf states.

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