Saturday, July 20, 2024

Breaking News! FBR Reduces Taxes on Smartphones, Here are the Details!

Exciting news has emerged for the mobile industry and smartphone users in Pakistan. The Federal Board of Revenue has announced a reduction in PTA taxes on all mobile phones. This decision comes after widespread complaints from industry experts and users regarding the high taxes on smartphones.

iPhone users, in particular, will be pleased to hear that there is a significant reduction in taxes on all models of the iPhone 14 series. This brings relief to those who recently purchased these latest iPhone models and were concerned about the high tax rates. The exact details of the reduced taxes on other smartphone models are still being evaluated, and further updates will be provided soon. Additionally, a PTA Tax Calculator is available for users to determine the taxes on different smartphones.

This development is welcomed by industry experts and smartphone users who have been advocating for more affordable prices. The reduction in taxes is expected to stimulate growth in the mobile industry and encourage greater smartphone adoption in Pakistan.

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