Monday, May 27, 2024

British Muslims More Charitable than Rest of UK Population

A recent survey by Blue State highlights that Muslims in the UK are exceptionally generous in charitable giving, surpassing other religious communities. According to the survey, British Muslims donate an average of £708 each year, which is four times more than the £165 donated by non-Muslims.

Most of the charity given by Muslims goes to Islamic organizations, with 61% of their Zakat (mandatory charitable giving) allocated to these causes. Additionally, 14% of their donations go to secular organizations. The survey also reveals that 75% of British Muslims have supported Gaza with their donations, and nearly half of them (49%) are willing to increase their contributions, even in the face of economic challenges.

The survey provides insight into age-related giving trends. Those aged 45-54 years donate the most, averaging £723, which is 6.5 times higher than the UK baseline of £112. There are also regional differences in charitable giving. For example, in the East of England, Muslims donate an impressive £1,127 compared to £215 given by non-Muslims.

Ramadan is a significant time for giving, with 35% of British Muslims choosing to give their Zakat during this holy month. Additionally, 19% of Muslims consider legacy giving, which involves leaving a donation to charity in their will.

Overall, the survey highlights the remarkable generosity and commitment to charitable causes among the Muslim community in the UK, showcasing their strong dedication to helping others.

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