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myco Pakistan & BSports Forge a Game-Changing Partnership: A 3 Million USD Merger Revolutionizing the Digital Sports Streaming Landscape

In a groundbreaking move set to redefine the landscape of digital sports streaming in Pakistan, BSports, the nation’s premier digital sports streaming channel, and Myco, the innovative global web3 streaming platform launched from UAE but rapidly expanding within Pakistan, proudly announce an asset merger for myco Pakistan business through a transformative 3 Million USD deal. The timing couldn’t be more perfect. This strategic collaboration comes to life under the banner of Myco, with the highly anticipated Pakistan Super League (PSL) season 9 having just kicked off.

BSports, renowned for broadcasting the first six seasons of the HBLPSL, has been a pioneer in the sports live streaming sphere in the country. Having previously successfully launched and broadcasted the Kashmir Premier League (KPL), Karachi T20 Premier League (KTPL), Kabbadi World Cup, and many more on digital, amassing a consolidated user base of 6 million devoted sports enthusiasts. After a 2 years hiatus, BSports, in partnership with Walee, bagged the digital live streaming rights for HBLPSL season 9 & 10 to bring the cricketing extravaganza back to the screens for millions of fans.

myco, a shinning star in the global streaming landscape (unique for its model that not only rewards & empowers the creators but also the viewers, through the innovative watch and earn model), has garnered a significant following with its diverse content offerings, boasting a total userbase of 7 Million and a Pakistani user base of 3 million. While sports is only one part of myco’s viewing experience, myco has streamed 100+ prominent streaming events in the past including the ICC Cricket World 2023, PSL 8, English Premier League and a host of live tournaments such as tennis, squash, kabaddi, formula 1, padel tennis, football, MMA and others across different regions of operations. The myco platform also hosts over 700,000 UGC videos, 2,000+ prominent influencers and over 1,000 premium watch hours including over 200 myco originals.

As part of the merger, the streaming assets of BSports and underlying rights will be reinvested into myco Pakistan against equity within the international business of myco. The merger will create a formidable force, transforming the myco Pakistan platform into the second-largest streaming service in Pakistan, with an impressive audience of almost 10 million users.

The synergy of BSports’ unparalleled expertise in sports broadcasting and myco’s innovative approach to digital content delivery using web3 promises a revolutionary streaming experience for the viewers.

“We are thrilled to announce this historic merger, a move that will surely elevate the sports streaming experience. Our shared commitment to delivering premium sports content to our audience aligns perfectly, and we look forward to the limitless possibilities this collaboration presents.” Stated Mr. Zohaib Hisam Chief Digital Officer BSports.

myco’s Founder & MD, Mr. Umair Masoom expressed his excitement about this strategic partnership, “Pakistan is an important market for myco’s disruptive journey of bringing true power to viewers of content. This strategic investment deal will amplify myco’s growth potential and solidify our position as a leader in the overall digital entertainment space. By joining forces with BSports for myco Pakistan, we are poised to redefine the streaming landscape in Pakistan. Our combined user base, diverse content offerings, and innovative approach is directed towards making myco the go-to destination for sports & other forms of video entertainment.”

This 3 Million USD merger will become part of a 20 Million USD equity financing round that myco is soon to announce to fuel its global growth roadmap.

As myco is geared up for HBLPSL season 9, fans can anticipate a perfect blend of high-quality live broadcasts, exclusive content, and an enhanced user experience, all while they watch & EARN!

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