Thursday, May 30, 2024


BTL Technologies, an OOH Media company & TRANSPESHAWAR (The Urban Mobility Company) have undergone in an agreement by which the BTL Technologies is responsible to manage OOH Advertising services at the busiest Peshawar BRT Traffic Corridor from University Road, Hayatabad to Karkhano Market.

“We are glad to announce that first time in the history, BTL Technologies has signed a public private partnership with Rapid Mass Transit system authority of the KPK government”. Enunciated Mahboob Ijaz Malik, Director Sales & Corporate Affairs, BTL Technologies. He further highlighted that “this landmark agreement shall definitely boost the very image of Peshawar in terms of both its beauty and ample opportunities to various clients to showcase their brands in order to enhance their business values as well.”

In this public private partnership, BTL Technologies shall provide OOH Advertising Management Services that include Provision, Installation, Operation and Maintenance of advertising items and their technical specifications at designated Outdoor Advertising locations from University Road to Karkhano Market across the BRT traffic corridor.

“Through these opportunities advertisers shall be able to put their brands on all strategically crucial locations of the city which would maximize the best of their ROI.” Said categorically Haroon Kodvavi, Director Commercial & Finance, BTL Technologies.
The route is the best pathway of Peshawar where all and sundry often have to pass by in daily routine, therefore, continuous exposure throughout the route conveys messages & enhance its reach to potential customers which would increase brands promotions. Neither it can be turned off, skipped over, fast-forwarded, avoided nor ignored, but greatly increases consumer recall and Brand awareness. BTL Technologies offers multiple media formats such as Digital Streamers, Pole Light Streamers, Elevated Pillars branding (Backlit) & Pedestrian Bridge panels across the road. Brand messages deliver effectively on budget within a given timeframe and ensure a successful campaign. It provides unmatched eye-level coverage by traveling along busy streets in close proximity to drivers and pedestrians.

Additionally, large & dynamic advertisements catch consumer’s eye balls and command attention. It is not only incredibly effective; it is exceptionally cost effective. It allows client’s brands and messages to saturate their target market. Saturation places brand’s message at the forefront of consumers’ minds when making purchasing decisions.

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