Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Burj Al-Arab’s Helipad Becomes World’s Shortest Runway for Planes

In a first, airline pilot Lukasz Czepiela accomplished a bullseye touchdown of an aircraft on the helipad at Burj Al Arab.

The iconic helipad, just 27 metres in diameter, witnessed its first plane takeoff and landing.

Czepiela is seen analysing the situation before making the amazing landing in a video posted by Visit Dubai on Instagram. Before approaching the large “H,” he remarks, “It’s a fairly steady breeze right now.

The Red Bull representative then makes a successful landing. A helipad watcher named Mike Patey, an aviation engineer, jumps in to give Czepiela a hug and exclaims, “You gorgeous man!” while spitting expletives.

Without using any landmarks, the landing was achieved at a height of 212 metres on the hotel’s 56th level.

As his flight added another chapter to the illustrious helipad, Czepiela had a moment to reflect on how this endeavour contrasted with his past flying accomplishments.

“Aerobatics are my main hobby. Warsaw’s bridges were a five-out-of-ten difficulty level for me to fly under. I also arrived at the Sopot Pier in 2019, which I would rate a seven out of 10. It is the longest wooden pier in Europe. The landing at the Burj Al Arab, however, was unique. An 11 out of 10 was given.

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