Saturday, April 20, 2024

Busy with Ambani’s Wedding While Facebook Takes a Nap, Netizens Trolled Mark Zuckerberg on Outage

During a widespread outage that affected Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms, netizens humorously criticized Mark Zuckerberg for his absence during the crisis.

While users struggled to access their accounts and refresh their feeds, many took to alternative platforms to express their frustration through memes and jokes. Some speculated that Zuckerberg was preoccupied with attending Anant Ambani’s wedding, diverting attention from the technical issues faced by his social media empire.

The outage, which impacted users worldwide, sparked discussions about the reliability and dependency on these platforms for communication and information sharing.

As services gradually resumed, Zuckerberg and Meta faced a barrage of criticism and ridicule from netizens, underscoring the significance of the outage and its effects on daily online interactions.

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