Friday, December 8, 2023

Buzz Aldrin was the First Man to Pee on the Moon

Buzz Aldrin holds a distinctive record related to the Moon landing. Although Neil Armstrong took the first steps on the lunar surface, it was Buss Aldrin who marked an unusual milestone by being the first person to urinate on the moon.

The incident occurred shortly after the Apollo 11 lunar module, named the Eagle, safely landed on the Moon. Aldrin shared the amusing episode on the Opie and Anthony radio show in 2016, recounting this humorous incident during their journey.

He said that while Neil Armstrong collected samples on the Moon’s surface, Aldrin found himself needing a bathroom break. Therefore, he used the given urine collection device which involved strapping a bag around one’s waist and ensuring a secure connection. In the confined lunar environment, making sure the bags did not leak was crucial.

He then told his descent from the lunar module’s ladder, noting Armstrong’s busy activities and his own undeniable urge. Amid laughter, Aldrin admitted to relieving himself and playfully remarked that “everyone has their firsts on the moon.” This light-hearted tale adds a human touch to the monumental Apollo 11 mission and the historic lunar landing.

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