Monday, June 17, 2024

By Searching “Pak vs India” on Google, You Can Also Play Google Mini World Cup Against India

Fans of the Pakistan vs. India cricket rivalry have a fun new way to engage with the excitement of the T20 World Cup. By simply searching “Pak vs India” on Google, users can now play a Google Mini World Cup game right on their devices.

This interactive feature allows cricket enthusiasts to virtually participate in the iconic match. As the real-life teams prepare to face off in New York, fans can enjoy their own mini-match on Google, adding an extra layer of excitement to the much-anticipated event.

The game is easy to access and play. Just type “Pak vs India” into the Google search bar, and the Mini World Cup game will appear at the top of the search results. Players can then bat and bowl, trying to outscore their virtual opponent.

This initiative by Google not only enhances the fan experience but also brings the thrill of the T20 World Cup to a wider audience, allowing everyone to get involved in the cricket fever.

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