Thursday, June 1, 2023

Canadian Airline to Start Flight Operations in Pakistan

We are excited to share good news from the aviation industry with our avid travellers and passport holders who look forward to a convenient flight between Canada and Pakistan. They can have direct flights from Toronto to the major cities of Pakistan by a privately owned airline named Zara.

According to recent reporting, due to a considerable increase in the number of passengers that are willing to travel between Pakistan and Canada, a Canadian airline named Zara Airways has shown interest in commencing flights for the convenience of the people by operating direct flights from Toronto to major cities in Pakistan.

This initiative is taken to open up new avenues between the two countries and is waiting for an approval submitted to the civil aviation authority of Pakistan to properly come into frame for its operations.

If approval is received, the airline will operate its flights starting in August 2023, following a schedule of direct flights three times a week.

We hope that hearing this news, everyone is waiting for this convenience to get its way.

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