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Canadian Pakistani Syed Najam’s Selfless Initiative Provide a Lifeline for Immigrants and Refugees in Canada

Syed Najam Hassan, a proud Pakistani Canadian living in Calgary, Canada, has been recognized as an award-winning community leader. He has dedicated many years to volunteering and has successfully completed several projects across the country.

When Syed and his family first arrived in Canada, they faced many challenges as new immigrants. Syed’s own experiences inspired him to help others in similar situations, and he developed a passion for giving back to the community.

Syed’s remarkable initiatives gained global recognition. He and his team have built and installed 10 Community Outdoor Food Banks, 2 All-Season Clothing Banks, and 29 Multicultural Outdoor Street Libraries in different areas of Canada. These initiatives allow people to access food, clothes, and books freely.

Syed also ensures that low-income families receive fresh produce and food baskets from local grocery stores. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he delivered over 3000 food hampers to isolated individuals. He provides free tax filing services to low-income Calgarians and new immigrants and distributes fresh food and winter gear to the homeless. He also engages with seniors in assisted living facilities, creating connections over coffee.

Furthermore, Syed leads the Clean and Green campaign, distributing garden plants to promote a clean and healthy environment in the community.

Syed’s annual holiday hampers for families facing financial crises reflect his mission of promoting love and unity among people. His exceptional community service has earned him numerous awards and medals.

All of Syed’s projects aim to strengthen the community and make Canada a better place for everyone.

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