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Canbebe’s Mommy Meet-up: A Journey into Responsible Parenting

Canbebe recently hosted a heartwarming event dedicated to supporting, empowering and educating young mothers about a healthier lifestyle for their babies through experiential and immersive observations, as they embrace the beautiful journey of parenthood.

To educate and assure mothers about the knowledge regarding diapers, Canbebe created Live Quality Testing stations where audience could witness the exceptional quality of Canbebe diapers in comparison with competitor brands.

Canbebe delivered on all quality parameters related to breathability, absorption capacity, surface dryness, leakage protection and fitting. The mothers who witnessed these experiments first-hand were truly convinced about Canbebe’s quality which mainly is attributed to its Turkish origin as it passes through several quality control tests before reaching to the customer.

Breathability Test

A breathability test was conducted where Canbebe and another popular diaper brand were placed next to each other, the result showed that Canbebe allowed vapors to pass through it due to its special breathable backsheet, which the other diaper brand failed at.

Absorption Test

Absorption test showed Canbebe’s absorption capacity as compared to another diaper brand. Canbebe absorbed much more liquid than the competitor brand.

Leakage Test

Leakage test showed that Canbebe’s special anti-leak barriers are hydrophobic in nature and do not allow the liquid to cross the barrier, offering optimum leakage protection.

Top Dryness Test

In the top dryness test, 140 ml of liquid was poured on Canbebe and competition brand. After 12 minutes, a piece of paper was positioned on each diaper, with a 5kg weight placed on top. Canbebe exhibited remarkable performance, showcasing nearly zero wetness on the piece of paper, in stark contrast to the competing brand whose paper was entirely wet. This highlighted Canbebe’s exceptional efficiency in maintaining its top layer dry and maximizing comfort for the babies.

The concept of educating and encouraging mothers to conduct tests themselves in order to ensure their babies’ wellbeing became the root for our big idea, #HarMommyMaantiHai, as seeing is believing and this event instilled belief into the hearts of all those mothers that Canbebe is the best choice for their babies.

The narrative and concept behind the idea, “#HarMommyMaantiHai” is to bring together mothers and create a community where they help each other ease into motherhood as they all learn about taking care of their little ones, most importantly learning about diapers, how to check their quality, endurance, and picking the diaper that suits their baby the best!

The event was attended by enthusiastic young moms and some popular mommy influencers like Kanwal Aftab, Dr. Madiha Khan, Dua Amjad, Fariha Asghar, Ghina Ali, Nisma Ameer and many more. It was a melting pot of insights, discussions, and expert guidance, aiming to provide a nurturing space for mothers to learn, grow, and thrive.

Apart from conducting the diaper tests, the highlight of the event was having diverse range of expert-talks led by a parenting coach – Dr Erum Nabeel, an esteemed nutritionist – Sarah Farooqi, and ScaryAmmi (The Mom Community) founder – Ayesha Nasir. There were discussions about the significance of balanced nutrition for both mother and child, along with invaluable tips on easing into parenthood. These sessions were not just informative but also encouraged open discussions and the exchange of experience.

Considering the prevailing landscape in which numerous consumers are opting towards brands originating from Muslim countries, Canbebe stands out as the best available option in the diaper category as proven through the live quality demonstrations.

Canbebe’s commitment to supporting mothers extends beyond providing top-notch baby care products. This event was a testament to their dedication to walk alongside mothers, offering guidance and support as they embark on this incredible journey. We believe that a well-informed and supported mother is the cornerstone of a happy and healthy family, especially if we go beyond telling and have them experience instead. Events like these are a step forward in creating a supportive ecosystem for all the mothers, everywhere, aur yeh baat #HarMommyMaantiHai!

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