Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Cannes Film Festival to Feature Pakistani Animated Movie ‘The Chronicles of Umro Ayyar’

The 77th Cannes Film Festival is a big moment for Pakistan’s film industry. Ingenuity Productions, a top 3D production house, will showcase its 3D-animated movie ‘The Chronicles of Umro Ayyar’ online at the Cannes Film Market through Cinando’s B2B video-on-demand service.

Haris Basharat, CEO of Ingenuity Productions, shared his excitement: “Having our film at the Cannes Film Market online is a great opportunity to show the world the amazing storytelling and filmmaking skills coming from Pakistan.”

This accomplishment is a proud one for Pakistan as Ingenuity Productions, based in Karachi, stands out at Cannes with ‘The Chronicles of Umro Ayyar’. Inspired by the epic tale of Tilism e Hoshruba, the film follows Umro Ayyar, a legendary trickster hero, as he journeys through time and magical worlds.

Beyond its fantastical story, the film highlights the importance of making real connections and overcoming selfishness, themes that resonate with audiences of all ages. Umro Ayyar’s adventures show how powerful it is to build relationships that go beyond differences like race, gender, class, age, and personality.

Ingenuity Productions is also working on another 3D animated series called ‘Science Voyagers’, featuring a curious boy’s adventures through time to meet historical scientific figures. The company is known for producing two 2D animated series as well: ‘Aria and the Magic Jungle’, which focuses on protecting the environment, and ‘Yolki and Hatch’, centered around children’s growth and development.

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