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Canon EOS 200D Price in Pakistan 2023 – Features, Specs, and Everything You Need to Know

Canon EOS 200 D is a good camera for beginners and photo enthusiasts. The camera specifications and features make it useful for vloggers too. The high-quality images, stylish design, great optical viewfinder, and touch screen are some of the most liked features of Canon EOS 200D. Canon EOS 200D price in Pakistan is around 1 lac..

Discover your best angle and click pictures from different angles using Canon EOS 200D.

Canon EOS 200D in Pakistan


The specifications of Canon EOS 200D are illustrated below.

Basic Specifications

Features Specifications
Battery li-ion
Touchscreen Supported
Wi-Fi Supported
Bluetooth Supported
HDMI Supported
USB supported
Rechargeable battery Supported

AC adaptor, DC coupler,

Dimensions 122.4 mm x 92.6mm x 69.8mm
Battery life Almost 1630 shots
Display size 3 inches
Display type LCD
Weight 738 grams
File numbering Manual reset, auto reset, and consecutive numbering
Image processor Digital image professional 4
Display formats Single image, 4, 9, 36, and 100 image index, and jump display
Flash Built-in, external flash
Flash features Exposure compensation, manual adjustment of power.
Range of flash 18 mm
Storage type SD, SDXC, SDHC
Image file format supported JPEG
Video file format supported MOV and MP4
Video duration 29 min 59 sec
Resolution 1080 pixels video recording at 60 fps
Continuous shooting 5 fps

Image Sensor Specifications

Features Specifications
Image sensor type CMOS, 22.3mm x 14.9 mm
Total pixels 25.80 MP
Effective pixels 24.20 MP
Aspect ratio 3:2
Sensor cleaning The electro-optical sensor cleaning system
Low-pass filter Fixed / built-in
Color (filter type) Primary colors
Image processor type DIGIC (digital imaging integrated circuit) 7

Lens Specifications

Features Specifications
Lens mount Electro focus (EF) / electro focus short back (EF-S)
Focal length Equal to 1.6 times the focal length of the lens
Image stabilization Optical image stabilizer installed on compatible lens
Manual focus Supported
Touch focus Supported

Focus Features

Features Specifications
Focus type Optical viewfinder and live view on the camera’s LCD screen.
Autofocus modes One-shot

Al focus

Al servo

Autofocus sensor Installed
Autofocus points (optical viewfinder) 9 points

Centre autofocus is the cross type and supports f/5.6.

Centre autofocus vertical line sensitive supports f/2.8

Another center vertical and horizontal sensitive autofocus supports f/5.6

Autofocus points (live view LCD) 49 maximum points on a fixed grid of 7’7 by automatic camera selection

9 points on freely position autofocus (3’3 grid) by manual selection

Autofocus working range (optical viewfinder) Center autofocus points: Exposure Value (EV) in range 0.5 to 18

Other autofocus points: exposure value (EV) in range 0.5 to 18

Autofocus range (live view LCD) One-shot autofocus: exposure value (EV) 2 to 18
Predictive autofocus Supported
Autofocus lock During the Autofocus, the on button is pressed or autofocus by pressing the half shutter button in one shot.
Manual focus By lens

Exposure Control Specifications

Features Specs
Metering mode (optical viewfinder) 63 zone metering sensor (dual-layer) supporting center only, partial, center-weighed, and evaluative.
Metering mode (live view LCD) Center-weighted, partial (6%), evaluative, and spot metering
Range Exposure value 1 to 20 (50 mm f/1.4) for the optical viewfinder

Exposure value 1 to 20 for live view LCD

Shutter type Electronically controlled (focal plane) shutter
Shutter speed 30 to 1 at 4000 seconds. Bulb range differs by shooting modes
White balance Automatic
Custom settings One setting
Settings AWB, shade, cloudy, daylight, tungsten light, custom, white fluorescent light, color temperature, flash
White balance compensation Blue and amber (+/- 9)

Magenta green (+, – 9)

Shooting Specifications

Features Specs
Picture style Auto, Portrait, Standard, Fine Detail, Monochrome, Neutral, Landscape, Faithful, User Defined
Shooting modes No Flash, Scene Intelligent manual and auto for movie and stills, Night Portrait, Landscape, Creative Auto, Portrait, Close-up, Group Photo, Sports, Handheld Night Scene, High Dynamic Range Backlight Control, Program auto exposure, Creative filters, Shutter and Aperture priority Auto Exposure, Self Portrait
Color space Adobe RGB (primary colors) and sRGB

Best lenses for Canon EOS 200D

The best lenses to click the best shots by your canon EOS 200D are listed below.

The best lenses for wide-angle are

  • Tokina 11 to 17 mm (f3.5)
  • Canon EFS, F 4 to 5.6 (55mm – 250mm)

Best macro lenses

  • Canon EFM, F3.5 (25mm)
  • Canon F2.8 (100mm)

Best fixed focal length lenses

  • Canon F1.8 (50mm) STM

Canon EOS 200D Price in Pakistan

The Canon EOS 200D price in Pakistan ranges between PKR 75,000 to 118,000.

The article concludes with detailed specifications, features, and all you need to know before buying Canon EOS 200D.

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