Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Capital development Authority Plans “Bhara Kahu Bypass” to address Traffic problems

CDA (Capital Development Authority) has planned to build 7.8 kilometer long ‘Bhara Kahu Bypass’ to meet the needs of increasing vehicle traffic.

Civic agency has announced the details of the project, but for the time being it has placed the sign on the roadside that showed that the Frontier Works Organisation will be executing agency that will carry out the work.

A small part of Bhara Kahu at Murree Road has always been a source of concern for the traveler.

It can take them long hours at times, especially on weekends when visitors flock to the Murree area from the Twin Cities and other parts of the country.

The traffic congestion on main road eventually disturbs the vehicular traffic in the inner roads, where traffic conjestion have also become a frequent scene.

The roads are well developed but the planners cannot keep up with the rapid increase in population. Another factor is the lack of a public transport infrastructure.

Mostly people depend om private vehicles and motor bikes which then increases the traffic congestion on the roads.

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