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Capturing Excellence: The Evolution of TECNO’s Camera Technology

TECNO, the leading mobile phone brand in Pakistan, has garnered immense acclaim over the years for its innovative camera technology, establishing itself as a leader in the mobile photography space. Since its inception, TECNO has consistently strived to integrate cutting-edge technology into its cameras, staying abreast of the evolving market and positioning itself at the forefront of the technological revolution.

In 2013, TECNO launched Phantom A1, featuring a 2MP rear camera that hinted toward a great start with bigger things to come. In 2015, TECNO improved its camera game with the launch of the TECNO CAMON C9, the first phone in the CAMON series with a 13MP rear camera with LED flash and a 5MP front-facing camera.

Building further on the innovation, TECNO introduced the CAMON CX in 2017, the first in the series to have a dual-lens rear camera, featuring a 16MP main sensor and a 2MP sensor for depth-of-field effects. This breakthrough continued in 2018 with the TECNO Camon 11 Pro, bringing a pop-up selfie camera that not only facilitated a bezel-less design but also enhanced the screen-to-body ratio.

In 2019, the TECNO Camon 16 Premier took center stage as the first in the series to feature a quad-lens rear camera, comprising a powerful 64MP main sensor, an 8MP ultra-wide lens, and two additional 2MP camera lenses. The brand also earned the IFA Product Technology Innovation Award for its CAMON 16 Premier Smartphone in 2020, notably praised for its outstanding camera technology.

Then, in 2020, with the Camon 17 Pro, TECNO introduced an advanced gimbal-stabilized camera that effectively minimized camera shake, resulting in smoother video production.

The brand’s commitment to incorporating the best camera technology has only gotten stronger with time. In 2021, TECNO unveiled two state-of-the-art mobile camera technologies: RGBW/G+P and Sensor Shift following the latest times and trends.

The RGBW/G+P not only substantially enhances low-light capabilities but also improves overall image quality by reducing noise and increasing contrast. RGBW/G+P in TECNO’s latest smartphones has been highly praised, particularly for its exceptional low-light photography capabilities. The brand also received the prestigious “Best Mobile Camera Innovation” award at the Global Mobile Awards, recognizing its groundbreaking achievement in the development of the RGBW sensor.

TECNO Mobile also stands out as one of the first Android smartphone manufacturers to embrace sensor-shift image stabilization (IS) technology. Sensor-shift IS operates by physically moving the entire camera sensor, effectively reducing camera shake, particularly at low shutter speeds. This technology also proves more effective in compensating for roll-axis shake, a type of movement that lens-based IS cannot adequately address. In 2023, TECNO integrated sensor-shift Image Stabilization (IS) in the CAMON 20 Premier 5G smartphone. Sporting a powerful 50MP main camera equipped with sensor-shift IS, this innovative feature empowers the smartphone to capture sharp and vivid images, ensuring clarity and stability even in challenging low-light environments.

Another worth mentioning achievement of TECNO in 2023 is the Eagle Eye Lens, equipped with a 4K image sensor and optical image stabilization (OIS), enhancing the production of sharp, clear images and videos. This lens is expected to feature in TECNO’s upcoming premium smartphones in the coming year.

TECNO Mobile has achieved another milestone in smartphone photography with its newest retractable lens technology incorporated in the Latest Phantom X2 Pro smartphone. This smart innovation enables the device to achieve true optical zoom without compromising its sleek and lightweight design. It has a remarkable 50MP portrait lens with a focal length of 65mm, delivering an impressive 2.5x optical zoom. This surpasses the common 2x optical zoom found in most flagship smartphones, providing users with enhanced flexibility in capturing distant subjects with precision. The retractable lens offers advanced zoom capabilities and is also exceptionally swift, with a wide aperture of f/1.49 ensuring best quality low-light portraits. The high-performance 32MP front-facing camera, featuring a fixed focus and a wide f/2.5 aperture takes sharp and intricately detailed selfies across various lighting conditions.

Earlier in 2023, TECNO also announced a strategic partnership with the School of Design at University of Leeds to jointly advance the application of colour science to TECNO’s multi-skin tone imaging system. The aim is to enhance the imaging experience, especially in portrait photography, on TECNO’s smartphones.

TECNO is consistently working on improvements and innovations to set new standards and ensure its products stand out in the ever-competitive tech market. This commitment reflects TECNO’s dedication to delivering state-of-the-art solutions and enhancing user experiences in the ever-evolving field of mobile technology.

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