Friday, May 24, 2024

Car Owners To Be Charged RS. 75/Litre Extra Under Cheap Petrol Scheme

Despite prior promises to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) that there would be no gasoline subsidy programe for riders of motorcycles and small vehicles, the current administration appears to be preparing to introduce the Sasta fuel Scheme once more. The administration has sent the summary to the federal cabinet’s Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) for approval.

According to media sources, after receiving Shahbaz Sharif’s assent, the summary was disseminated for review. According to the summary, the government intends to charge consumers an extra fee of up to Rs. 75 per litre even though they are already struggling to pay a staggering Rs. 282/L.

The summary has drawn criticism for being nothing more than a ruse by the ruling coalition to preserve what little political capital they still have among the populace. Additionally, the government is placing the burden of duty on the people who are suffering from inflation.

The price of gasoline is anticipated to increase in the first phase, reaching around Rs. 370 per litre, including Rs. 75 for relief. Petrol costs Rs. 75 per litre for non-beneficiaries, increasing the total assistance available to Rs. 125 for owners of cars and motorcycles. The Rs. 25 per litre would be utilized to pay for NBP and NADRA administrative expenses.

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