Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Cardiology Institute in Pakistan Announces Free Treatment for Citizens Aged Above 70 Years

Rawalpindi Institute of Cardiology has made a significant announcement by offering free medical treatment for citizens aged 70 years and above. The medical superintendent of the hospital issued a directive stating that all receptionists are instructed to book various diagnostic procedures such as laboratory tests, echo, ETT, TOE, and ECG for these senior citizens without any cost. The only requirement is to verify their identification through their CNIC.

This initiative aims to provide essential healthcare services to elderly individuals who may require cardiology-related diagnostics and treatment. By offering these services free of charge, the Cardiology Institute seeks to support the well-being and healthcare needs of senior citizens in Pakistan.

The decision showcases the institute’s commitment to prioritizing the health and welfare of older individuals in the country. It is a significant step towards ensuring that elderly citizens have access to necessary medical facilities and can receive the care they need without financial constraints.

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