Saturday, December 2, 2023

Case Registered Against Murree Restuarant Owner for Selling ‘Naan’ at Rs. 150

A restaurant owner in the Malika Kohsar area of Murree, Pakistan, is facing legal action for allegedly selling naan at a significantly inflated price. Naan is a type of bread widely consumed in South Asia, and its official price, as set by the local district administration, is 27 rupees per naan.

However, the restaurant owner in question was reportedly charging customers 150 rupees for each naan, which is more than five times the official rate. This price discrepancy came to light when a customer visited the restaurant and was billed 450 rupees for three naans, a price that greatly exceeded the authorized rate.

Following the complaint from the customer and the discovery of the restaurant’s pricing practices, local authorities took action against the establishment. Consequently, a case has been filed against the restaurant owner for violating official price regulations.

This incident highlights the importance of adhering to price regulations and protecting consumers from overcharging or price gouging by businesses. It also underscores the role of authorities in ensuring fair pricing practices within the local market.

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