Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Cat Awarded ‘Doctor of Literature’ Degree by US University

Max, a friendly cat, holds a special place in the hearts of students and teachers at Vermont State University. He began his life as a wild kitten in Fair Haven but found a loving home with Ashley Dow and became a cherished friend on campus.

For five years now, Max has been a regular visitor to the Castleton campus, where he is adored by students. He loves riding in backpacks, posing for photography classes, and offering comfort to those who need it. Max even joins prospective students on tours of the campus, making him a beloved representative of the university.

Because of his warm and loving personality, Vermont State University has decided to give Max an honorary doctorate in “litter-ature.” Although he won’t attend the graduation ceremony, his degree will be given to Ashley Dow soon.

Max’s presence has brought joy and comfort to many at the university, making him a truly special member of the community. His story shows how animals can touch people’s lives and become a part of something bigger.

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