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Cement Price in Pakistan 2023 – Top Companies and Cement You Need to Know

One of Pakistan’s most dominant industries, the cement industry, contributes greatly to the economic growth of the country. Pakistan is a developing country with a lot of room for development. In the current era, cement is undoubtedly the most essential and commonly utilized building material.

It can play a crucial role in construction as it is primarily used in homes, office buildings, roadways, tunnels, bridges, dams, and other places. The average yearly rise in cement is 8%, which is determined by the performance of the public sector’s production units. Pakistan is the 14th leading cement producer in the world.

Concrete cannot be prepared without the cementing element. Pakistan has a large number of cement production plants. The cement industry in Pakistan is growing in response to the increase in housing societies and commercial establishments.

Cement Industry in Pakistan

Cement factories play a significant role in strengthening Pakistan’s social, economic sector. Plants for Cement may be found in practically every Pakistani province, including Punjab, Sindh, KPK, and Balochistan. Our cement is also exported for use in construction in other nations because of its uncompromised quality.

Top 10 Companies of cement in Pakistan

Before we get into the cement price in Pakistan in 2023, it’s important to note that Pakistan has a large number of cement companies. In Pakistan, there are around a dozen cement-producing enterprises. The following is a thorough and up-to-date list of Pakistan’s best cement industries:

  • Bestway Cement Limited
  • Fauji Cement Company Limited
  • Flying Cement Company Limited
  • Lucky Cement Limited
  • Maple Leaf Cement Factory Limited
  • Power Cement Limited
  • DG Khan Cement Company Ltd.
  • Gharibwal Cement Limited
  • Dewan Cement Limited
  • PAKCEM Limited

Let’s discuss the top cement companies in Pakistan below.

DG Khan Cement Company:

 The DG Khan cement factories use the latest dry technology method.   This company is near the top of the list of cement makers in Pakistan. It has a daily production rate of 14,000 tons of cement. The cement’s unrivaled and reliable quality makes it a favored choice for national-level projects both locally and globally. It is trading on all of the country’s stock markets.

DG Khan Cement Price in Pakistan

Lucky Cement Company:

With a manufacturing capacity of 7.75 tons per year, Lucky Cement Company is known for creating high-quality cement in Pakistan. It is listed on major stock exchanges and is the world’s first enterprise to export massive amounts of loose cement.

Lucky cement

Maple Leaf Cement Company:

The Maple Leaf Cement Company is Pakistan’s third-largest cement manufacturer. This corporation was founded in 1956, and its products are sold in both domestic and international markets.

Maple Leaf Cement Price in Pakistan

Bestway Cement:

In 1995, the Bestway Cement Company built the group’s first cement factory in Hattar, Pakistan, with a 1.1 million-tonnes annual output capacity. By supplying quality material, this company has gained greater benchmarks in local and regional marketplaces.

Bestway Cement

Fauji cement:

The Fauji cement company was set up in Rawalpindi in 1922. It is well-known for producing high-quality cement. It has been critical to Pakistan’s economic progress during the last 19 years as a reliable supply of high-quality goods.

Fauji cement Price in Pakistan

Kohat cement company limited: 

Kohat Cement Company, founded in 1980, produces grey and white cement. They produce grey cement at a rate of around 2.6 tons per year and white cement at a capacity of about 0.1 tons per year, supplying cement to Pakistan and nearby countries such as India and Afghanistan.

Kohat cement

Pioneer Cement:

Following the name, Pioneer cement has been noted for its high-quality goods since the beginning of the project. In Pakistan, two units have been established. Customers trust Pioneer cement because of the high quality of their products.

Pioneer Cement

Dewan cement:

Dewan Cement has consistently maintained its high quality and has become a household name in the cement industry. Pakistan has two cement plants, one in Karachi and the other in Hattar. It is, without a doubt, Pakistan’s best cement producer.

Dewan Cement

Latest Cement Price in Pakistan 2023

Check the cement prices of major firms in Pakistan in 2023 before you buy. All the prices of the different cement industries are obtained from the market on a regular basis and may vary from one area to another.

Cement Price in Pakistan (per 50KG Bag)
DG CementRs. 620
Lucky CementRs. 600
Maple Leaf CementRs. 635
Bestway CementRs. 605
Fauji CementRs. 545
Kohat CementRs. 530
Pioneer CementRs. 625
Dewan CementRs. 550

These are the latest cement price in Pakistan 2023 per 50 kg cement bag.


We hope you find detailed information about the top cement companies in Pakistan in this article. We have also mentioned the cement prices in Pakistan according to 50 kg cement bag. Furthermore, there is fierce competition among cement companies, and all of the greatest cement manufacturers produce high-quality material since quality is never sacrificed.

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