Sunday, April 21, 2024

Chacha Bhatija: Iftikhar Ahmed on Batting with Babar Azam

Pakistan had a big win against Nepal in the Asia Cup. Iftikhar did really well, scoring 109 runs without getting out. He hit the ball to the boundary 11 times and even hit four sixes.

He and Babar Azam played together and got a score of 342 for Pakistan. They made a partnership of 214 runs, which is the best for Pakistan in this type of game. People like to call Iftikhar “chacha” (uncle). After the game, a journalist joked and called Babar “bhatija” (nephew) of Iftikhar.

Iftikhar said that they both supported each other a lot during the game. Babar is really good at playing, and he helped Iftikhar feel confident. They enjoyed playing together.

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