Saturday, June 3, 2023

Chairman Imran Khan has been Declared Fit by Medical Board

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has been declared fit by the medical board.

According to sources, a medical board headed by Dr Rizwan Taj comprising five doctors of PIMS Hospital and two doctors of Polyclinic examined Imran Khan.

According to details, the medical board declared Imran Khan healthy, sources said that Imran Khan did not complain of any problem with the doctors, Imran Khan’s blood pressure, sugar level, pulse, pulse, heartbeat were normal.

In this regard, sources say that Imran Khan’s blood was CP, LP, RFT, LFT.

According to sources, blood and urine samples were taken from Imran Khan on the suggestion of doctors and X-rays were also done.

According to sources, Imran Khan’s X-ray has been done on the suggestion of doctors, doctors have not yet received Imran Khan’s X-ray report, portable X-ray machine was brought for Imran Khan.

The hospital said that the medical board has also decided to conduct a urine test of Imran Khan, for which samples have been taken from Imran Khan for urine analysis test.

Five doctors of PIMS Hospital, two doctors of polyclinic were part of the medical board, Dr Rizwan Taj is the head of the joint medical board, while doctors of the department of medicine, bone joint, department of general surgery, department of medicolegal are included in the medical board.

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