Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Changa Manga is Pakistan’s Man-Grown Forest and is the Largest Around the Globe

One of the largest forests worldwide, Changa Manga was established in 1866 by Britain and is named after two sibling dacoits. The man-grown forest is located in Kasur and Lahore of Punjab, Pakistan. However, the forest has gone through massive unlawful deforestation.

Changa Manga is home to many wildlife animals and plants, referred to as the most-seasoned established forest. Once can find diverse types of creatures including 14 types of warm-blooded lives, 6 types of reptiles, 50 forms of birds, two kinds of amphibians, and 27 kinds of insects.

The forest is the biggest source of wood in the country, leading to increasing erosion and desertification. The trees have also been used as a source of fuel for motors in Northwestern rail route organizations. Changa Manga is the largest forest around the globe and must be protected from unlawful deforestation.

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