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10 Cheapest Cars in Pakistan to Buy in 2022

Suppose you are looking for the most affordable and cheapest cars in Pakistan 2022, with high priority maintenance and features. Most people have an average income that’s why they look for accommodable vehicles at affordable prices. Here is the list of the cheapest cars available in Pakistan.

Cheapest Car in Pakistan 2022

The ten cheapest cars in Pakistan to buy in 2022 are listed below, each with a detailed description.

Suzuki Alto VX

Suzuki Alto 2022 is the latest car launched in Pakistan. Its price range from pkr. 1,198,000 to PKR. 1,633,000/-. It has a 660 cc engine and support automatic and manual transmission choice for the users. It has dimensions of (3395, 1475,1490)mm for length, width, and height, respectively. 

Suzuki Alto VX has amazing features and specifications, such as power door locks, power windows, keyless entry, a power steering wheel, and two airbags. It also supports many other features, such as ABS, automatic transmission, air-conditioning, and many other amenities.

Suzuki Alto exterior contains a front grille modest in three different variants/trims. Also, the door mirrors and knobs are available in different colors. So, it provides a choice to the customer to choose one of their favorites. Many other features are available on the exterior, such as headlights, etc.

The interior of this vehicle is also amazing. The front and rear seats are made of cloth. Also, it contains a stylish dashboard. It features ac vents. Three passengers can easily sit in the rear seats and two in the front. So, it has a five-person capacity.

It provides an estimated fuel economy of 18 to 20 Km/L. it is a small car that is available at affordable rates. It is available in various appealing colors, such as pearl red, graphite, black, silky silver, white, sand beige, and cerulean blue.

Suzuki Alto VX

United Alpha

United Alpha is one of the cheapest cars available in Pakistan, having a 993 c engine providing the power of 40 hp and a manual transmission system. Its price in Pakistan is around PKR. 1,399,000/-. It uses petrol for fuel.

It has a 5-speed gearbox and a 4-cylinder inline configuration. This has power steering and power steering. The wheel is of alloy and is 13-inch. Its major competitors in the market are Suzuki Wagon R, Suzuki Cultus, and Kia Picanto.

United Alpha


ZTOYE Z100 2022 is another most affordable car available in Pakistan, having a price of around PKR. 1,490,000/-. Its first generation was introduced around one-year ago in 2021. It comes with a 1.0L engine providing the power of 56 hp and has a 4-cylinder inline configuration. It supports a manual transmission system with having 5-speed gearbox.

ZTOYE Z100 provides an average fuel economy of 18 Km/L. It also has an amazing analog speedo meter, high-mounted rear brake, and sun visors. The car’s exterior is also amazing and available in various colors.


Toyota Premio

Toyota Premio is also considered one of the low-price cars available in Pakistan. Its price range from PKR. 1,250,000 to PKR. 17,000,000/- in Pakistan.

It belongs to the 2nd generation having a 1.5L engine but comes in three various trims regarding cylinder configuration. It has an automatic transmission system with SUPER CVT-I. This is fuel efficient with a fuel economy of 15 km/l to 17 Km/L.

The interior and exterior of the car are unique and come with a package of features and specifications that make it luxurious. It provides a good quality of ride to the passengers.

Toyota Premio

Subaru Stella

Subaru Stella 2022 third generation is another cheapest and most affordable car in Pakistan, having a price range from PKR. 1 000 000/- PKR. 3 350,000/-. Its first generation was launched back in 2011 in the Pakistani automobile market. It has a 40 KW electric motor and 0.66-liter supercharged inline-four engines.

Its third generation uses the same platform as the 2nd generation. It competes directly with the Suzuki Wagon R and Daihatsu Move in the market.

Subaru Stella exterior style comes with general features and specifications but has a distinct and unique appearance. It has a sharp-triangle upward-sloping front with tiny headlights and a big fog lamp with a triple air intake.

The interior of the car comes in beige and black plastic variants. Its interior features power windows, power door locks, a trip computer and multifunction steering wheel, and a stereo speaker audio system. Also, there is a tachometer, power steering, and many other standard amenities. It has a 5-speed gearbox manual transmission system. The mileage provided by it is 18 Km/L.

Subaru Stella

Suzuki Cultus VXR

Suzuki Cultus vxr 2022 is an amazing car available at affordable prices. Its price in Pakistan is around PKR. 2,754,000. Its engine has 998 cc petrol. Also, it has a manual transmission system. The fuel economy provided by it is 14 to 18 Km/L.

It is available in seven appealing colors sand beige, white, pearl red, cerulean, super pearl black, silky silver, and graphite.

This has various features, such as an engine immobilizer, child safety lock, and seat belts. It provides a comfortable and amazing ride. 

Suzuki Cultus VXR

Prince Pearl

Prince pearl is another most affordable car available in Pakistan, having a price of PKR. 1,749,000/-. It is the recent car that will be launched in 2022 in Pakistan. It is also reported that its computerized version will soon be released in Pakistan.

Prince Pearl has a 796 cc engine that can produce power of 40 hp at 5500 rpm. The fuel economy is around 20 Km/L in the city, but on the highway, it is 22 Km/L.

It is available in appealing colors like Cairo gold, brown, pure white, and red pearl. Its major competitors in the market are united bravo and Suzuki alto.   

Prince Pearl

Suzuki Jimny

Suzuki Jimny 2022 comes with a 1462 cc petrol engine that can generate power of 80.40 hp. It has a seating capacity of 4-person. It has a transmission system. This has a power steering system and accessory power outlet kit. Its price range from PKR. 2,140,000/- to PKR. 2,290,000/-.

There is multifunction steering in the car well as front power windows. This car has many other amazing features, such as foldable rear seats, a headrest at the rear seats, low fuel warning, and much more.

Suzuki Jimny

Daihatsu Move

Daihatsu Move 2022 is another cheapest car available in Pakistan. It is the 6th generation, introduced in 2022, and comes with front-wheel drive and a front engine. Its price in Pakistan range from PKR. 1,100,000/- to PKR. 3, 375,000/-.

It has a 0.65L engine with DOHC 12 valve mechanism with 3-inline cylinders. This also has a CVT transmission and gearbox. It provides a fuel economy of 27 to 30 Km/L.

Daihatsu Move 2022 style and body infrastructure are more robust than the previous generations. Also, the car’s suspension system is improved from the previous versions. Many new features and specifications are made to replace the vehicle’s old angular and curved look.

It is available in three trims: X, L, and RS. All of it supports custom package features. Regarding its price, it is quite a competitive car in the market.

The Daihatsu move exterior comes in a distinct style. Its grille is in trapezoid shape with side headlamps, rectangular air intakes, and a massive front bumper.

The car’s interior also comes with added features and comes in three different color tones: grey, beige, and white. A rear-view camera, satellite navigation system, and various other features make it recommendable.

Daihatsu Move

Suzuki Bolan

Suzuki Bolan was first introduced in the 1990s and is still available in Pakistan, with a price range from PKR. 1,415,000 to PKR. 1,500,000/-. In Pakistan, it is also known as “carry daba.” It is a front-wheel car that comes in mid-engine. Its price and features make it a competitive car in Pakistan.

Suzuki Bolan has a 0.8L engine with six regulators and a 4-stroke 3-cylinder. Also, it supports manual transmission and has a 4-speed gearbox.

The Suzuki Bolan exterior comes in a large and boxy shape, similar to the pickup trucks. Its rectangle black grille and fog lights on the black bumper on the front end give it a distinct look.

Suzuki Bolan’s interior features a powerful tree-stroke cylinder engine that provides impressive performance and power. The car’s fuel economy is around 12Km/L in the city and 14Km/L on the highway.

It is available in appealing colors such as white, red, and silky silver. Its major competitor in the market is FAW XPV.

Suzuki Bolan

Price in Pakistan

The ten cheapest cars price in Pakistan is mentioned in the below table.

Cars Price in Pakistan
Suzuki AltoPKR. 1,798,000 to PKR. 2,333,000/-.
United AlphaPKR. 1,399,000/-
ZTOYE Z100PKR. 1,490,000/-
Toyota PremioPKR. 1,250,000 to PKR. 17,000,000/-
Subaru StellaPKR. To 1,000,000/- to 3,350,000/-
Suzuki CultusPKR. 2,754,000/-
Prince PearlPKR. 1,749,000/-
Suzuki JimnyPKR. 1,100,000/- to PKR. 3, 375,000/-
Daihatsu MovePKR. 1,100,000/- to PKR. 3, 375,000/-
Suzuki BolanPKR. 1,415,000/- to PKR. 1, 500,000

End Note

Here you can find the ten cheapest cars available in Pakistan with amazing features and specifications. All the details regarding the vehicle are also given.

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