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China Extends Cooperation to Pakistan toDevelop Dairy Industry

China is extending cooperation to Pakistan to develop its dairy industry through production of high milk-yielding cows, the Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi (AAUR) said earlier this month.

The goal of the cooperation is to improve genetic variations of cows being used in Pakistan for dairy farming. This can be achieved by breeding elite animals with high yields and long lives, and with better embryos. To this end, the Royal Group of China has established a laboratory in Lahore to develop buffalo embryos of elite animals.

The company also plans to set up a buffalo dairy farm of 8,000 heads. The China-Pakistan cooperation in the production of high milk-yielding cows is expected to contribute significantly to the development of Pakistan’s dairy industry. It aims to increase milk production, improve the quality of dairy products, enhance farmer incomes, and ultimately meet the growing demand for milk and dairy products in the country.

“China and Pakistan have been collaborating in different fields of agriculture and livestock, specifically in the production of high milk-yielding cows. This cooperation aims to enhance Pakistan’s dairy industry by introducing and breeding superior breeds of cows known for their high milk production capabilities,” said AAUR in a statement.

It added: “Under this collaboration, China will share its expertise in advanced breeding techniques, animal husbandry practices, and genetic improvement of livestock. Chinese experts will provide training to Pakistani farmers and professionals to enhance their knowledge and skills in dairy farming.”

It maintained that Pakistan needed more agricultural and livestock research to increase its yields, and produce higher-quality products that can be exported.

“China will help Pakistani farmers  produce the embryos of cows with a larger quantity of milk. For this, the Chinese government has chosen Royal Group (company) for CPEC (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor) projects in the livestock sector,” it said.

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