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China Launches the First 6G Satellite in the World

It seems that China is already working with the next wave of 6G networking technology, even though 5G being scarcely available to everyone around the globe. The world’s first 6G experimental satellite was sent into space by China on the Long March 6 rocket that took off last week.

  • Long March 6 Rocket

On November 6, the Long March 6 rocket was launched and the 6G experimental satellite on board entered orbit the same day. At the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center in the northern province of Shanxi, the launch took place. It was led by the Electronic Science and Technology University of China.

  • 6G Satellite

The satellite is fitted with a payload of terahertz satellite communication built by the aforementioned university and a variety of other top labs. The university has declared that the satellite will perform the world’s first space-based terahertz communication experiment.

“This marks a milestone in China’s history of exploring terahertz communication technology in aerospace,” stated Professor Xu Yangsheng, academic director of the University’s Satellite Technology Research Institute. The satellite will be used for smart city applications, disaster management, land planning, environmental conservation, 6G experimentation, and much more, he further said.

When it comes to 5G technology, China is already the leader of the market and being the first to launch its 6G experimental satellite could easily be the first country to formally launch the next generation of networking technology in the coming times.

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