Tuesday, June 25, 2024

China-Made Chery Accelerates Green Travel in Pakistan

“As Chery continues to amplify its presence in Pakistan, apart from providing new generation automotive products and technologies to Pakistani customers, Chery is also striving to play an active role in protecting the environment and building a greener Pakistan,” highlighted Song Huaifu, deputy country director of Chery Automobile in Pakistan.

During Chery’s 2023 Global Dealer Theme Conference, dealers around the world tested and drove core Chery models. The two plug-in hybrid products of the TIGGO family, the TIGGO 8 PRO e+ and the TIGGO 7 PRO e+, fully demonstrate Chery’s leading technical strength in the field of hybrid power with their all-round performance of lower energy consumption and stronger power.

Chery’s 1.5T hybrid engine, equipped with the TIGGO 8 PRO e+, can accelerate to a top speed of 7.5 seconds per 100 km, directly eliciting screams from on-site test-drive dealers. Even through the on-site hump, the sheer power still brings a strong sense of stability.

Huaifu said that “Tiggo 4 and Tiggo 8 are our star products in Pakistan and our dealers are requesting us to introduce more products of Tiggo family, which they are confident will be well-received across Pakistan.”

Air pollution in Pakistan has increased dramatically over the past few years, making Pakistan the seventh most vulnerable country to climate change caused by air pollution. There is a need to reduce vehicle tailpipe emissions, and electric vehicles are an effective solution. However, because of the limited infrastructure (such as adequate charging facilities) needed to support a large-scale transformation of the transport sector, the transition from fuel-powered vehicles to electric vehicles is bound to be a process.

By combining the advantages of pure electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs), PHEVs can achieve pure electric, low-emission driving and increase the driving range of the vehicle through the hybrid mode, making them a powerful product to facilitate the transition from fuel vehicles to electric vehicles in Pakistan.

As one of the earliest auto companies to engage in R&D of new energy technologies, Chery will closely follow the trend of the times and accelerate the global market for new energy products in a comprehensive manner. “After the two PHEV products of TIGGO 8 PRO e+ and TIGGO 7 PRO e+, Chery will also launch more new energy products in the form of BEV and other forms of power, comprehensively assisting all humans in forming low-carbon and green travel habits,” added Huaifu.

In addition to adding environmentally friendly and low-carbon elements to its products, Chery recently announced the creation of a Green Public Welfare Fund Plan, signaling a new pinnacle in Chery’s corporate social responsibility in its global strategy. Chery has played a role in the aftermath of the major earthquake in Turkiye, in public welfare activities for women in Kuwait, and in supporting children at the winter games in Pakistan, among others.

“In the future development, we expect to conducting more activities with various types of Pakistani public welfare organizations to showcase the warmth and humanistic love of the Chery brand and jointly create a new starting point for a better life for our iron brothers and sisters,” concluded Qi Jie, Regional Director of Southern Asia of Chery group.

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