Sunday, May 19, 2024

China Builds ‘Digital Silk Road’ in Pakistan

In Pakistan, China is expected to lay the final stretch of a cross-border fiber optic cable that will establish the Digital Silk Road, serving both countries’ geostrategic interests.

The fiber cable will be linked to the submarine cable of Pakistan East Africa Linking Europe (PEACE) in the Arabian Sea, to the BRI service countries and Europe.

The PEACE cable will provide the shortest direct internet route between participating countries and will significantly reduce the amount of time needed to transmit internet data.

The report claimed that between Rawalpindi and the port cities of Karachi and Gwadar, the cable is currently being laid. “The $240 million project, which is partnered with Huawei Technologies in China, was approved last week by the government,” it added.

The laying of sea cables in the territorial waters of the country will begin in March, following approval by the government this month to establish a landing station for the Arabian Sea in Karachi.

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