Friday, April 19, 2024

China’s To Bring Red Planet Soil in 2030

As per sources, after the successful mission of bringing rocks from the Moon to the earth by Chang’e-5, China is now planning to get Soil from the Red Plant, back to the earth.

According to the sources, On Saturday Xu Hongliang, the China National Space Administration (CNSA) spokesperson revealed China is planning is to bring in Martian soil samples to the Earth in their Mars Expedition, which is expected to be in 2030.

“Speaking about exploring planets, a field that is of great interest to everyone, a research mission on gathering and delivering samples from a circumterrestrial asteroid as well as the overflight of main-belt comets will be carried out approximately by 2025”, said the CNSA spokesman.

As per news. They also released on Friday, the first batch of images of Mars taken by the Tianwen-1 spacecraft’s Zhurong rover, which they released toward Mars in June 2020 and was expected to arrive in the orbit of Mars in February 2021, leaving a rover there in the next couple of months.

According to Xu Hongliang, China is also planning a mission on Jupiter exploration by 2030, as the country seeks to continue the implementation of large scientific projects for fostering its space sector. 

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