Wednesday, May 29, 2024

China’s Space Station Coating Technology Elevates Food Preservation on Earth

China’s strides in space technology stand poised to revolutionize food preservation practices on Earth, as spacecraft engineers ingeniously adapt state-of-the-art barrier film initially crafted for the orbital China Space Station (CSS) to uphold the freshness and vitality of daily sustenance.

This groundbreaking achievement, unveiled by the China Academy of Space Technology, introduces an advanced flexible film engineered to effectively ward off gases and contaminants, ensuring unparalleled safeguarding for food items.

In a recent demonstration, researchers from the academy showcased a compelling video depicting the division of a piece of tofu (bean curd) into two segments, each meticulously sealed within distinct transparent packages—one conventional and the other fashioned from the innovative high-barrier film. Remarkably, after seven days, while the tofu housed in the standard packaging had succumbed to decay, its counterpart ensconced within the high-barrier material remained remarkably fresh, showcasing the transformative potential of space-derived technology in enhancing terrestrial food preservation methods.

In recently years, China’s space industry has made rapid and innovative progress; efforts can be seen on different events and forums like the ongoing ZGC Forum held in Beijing.

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